What To Expect During Pregnancy

One question women commonly ask is that how would she know she's pregnant? To avoid second guessing, here are some things you should know about to really make sure if you're pregnant or not.
Your pregnancy test may show a positive result that you may be pregnant, however, a few things could happen before signs of being pregnant may be visible. A missed period may not always mean you are pregnant. Also, you may feel abdominal cramps early in pregnancy which may sometimes be mistaken as menstrual cramping. To avoid confusion and for your ease of mind, one should know the early signs and stages of being pregnant.
Signs of pregnancy early on can be different for everybody. Fatigue, a little bleeding, cramps, being nauseated, and craving for certain food to even basal body temperature change can be some of these signs. However, mood swings, constipation, headaches, and loss of appetite does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. Sometimes, women do not ever experience any of these symptoms. However, if a period is missed you may need to confirm it with a pregnancy test. Know why is my discharge pink?
On the first trimester, or first three months, of pregnancy, you may find yourself needing to urinate more frequently. This happens because your uterus starts to grow larger and then pushes down on your urinary bladder which causes you to need to go to the restroom more often. Know more about pregnancy in http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/pregnancy-week-by-week/.
The time you get to relax a bit in pregnancy is in the second trimester, or from the 4th to 6th months of pregnancy. It is often considered as the "Golden Period". Relief from a lot of pregnancy symptoms subside during this period. A pregnant woman often achieves better sleep during this time which indicates a healthy pregnancy. Your baby's first heartbeat can also be heard during this stage in your pregnancy. An ultrasound at 19 weeks may allow you to see your baby's different movements inside of you.
The third trimester is the last stage of your pregnancy. This is when your baby becomes too large to swim around inside of you. Back pain may be felt again at this time because of your difficulty in sleeping or sitting. Your ankles might even swell because of the added weight of your body. This stage is where your baby will finally be ready to be born.
This just goes to show that not everything you feel may be related to pregnancy. Some of these symptoms may be from another type of illness. However, it is best to make sure and really take the time to get a pregnancy test at home. If it comes out negative and you are still doubtful, it would be the safest bet to go to a doctor and really make sure. Visit checkpregnancy.com if you have questions.